Bistro La Ciboulette (ラ・シブレット@浅草橋)

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Cozy bistro with only 2 tables and counter seats. Location is obscure but apparently very popular – always a queue at lunch time, and reservation a must for dinner.
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Went with a friend and sat at the counter. The delicious egg tarts are teasers, one with prawn and the other with salmon roe. Two for one person so no fighting.
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フレッシュフォワグラのポワレ イチジクの甘酸っぱいソース、1890円。
Seems like there is no set course. For appetizer I had Pan-fried fresh foie gras in fig sauce. Absolutely heaven! And such a big piece! Maybe it is meant to be a main?
For main course, I had Roasted venison thigh. Lean and tender meat, incredibly generous portion. The sauce is kyohou(Japanese grape), very sweet very yummy! After I devoured the meat, I joked that I wish I had a spoon to drink the leftover sauce. The next second the madam gave us a spoon each…I swear I wasn’t loud(^^;;).
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Two of us shared the pear compote with vanilla ice-cream. So good! Not too sweet, very refreshing, especially after the meat feast. While having coffee, we were *quietly* talking about the Canelé displayed on the counter and my friend said you get those at lunch time. The next second the madam gave us a plate for free…she does have good ears. I have to say, this Canelé is the best I have ever tasted!! Never a big fan of this French sweet, but instantly hooked.
Two drinks, a massive appetizer, a main dish, half the dessert, and coffee, I paid only 6800yen. Very good value!
Menu(Japanese only): 1, 2.
Bistro La Ciboulette

Asterix (アステリックス)

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We had the 4725yen dinner course. The Bread is very good!
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鴨のフォワグラと蕪のキャラメリゼ パルサミコソース。
スープ・ド・ポワッソン ルイユ添え。
Foie gras saute with turnip Caramélisée in Balsamico sauce. This is quite good.
Fish soup with Rouille(a paste made from olive oil and breadcrumbs and hot chile peppers apparently), grated cheese and croutons. Too many slices of croutons! They absorbed most of the soup and were simply too stomach-filling. The little amount of soup left to drink was too salty.
061026 092061026 088
クスクスと仔羊のナヴァラン アリサ添え。
Charcoal-grilled lamb chop. The meat is soft, great charcoal smell.
Couscous and lamb. My friend’s choice is a good one. The ratatouille is sweet and very nice with the couscous. A big plate too. The two guys sitting next to us both ordered this dish so probably quite popular?
061026 096061026 105
バナナのラム酒風味フランベとバニラアイス 温かいチョコレートソース。
フランボワーズのキャラメル クレープ包み。
Banana Flambées with rum, vanilla ice-cream and hot chocolate sauce. This is nice. Love the cookie around it, which goes perfectly well with the banana and the rum sauce.
Framboise caramel crepe. The custard cream inside the crepe is too sweet already, plus the caramel and raspberry sauce….I could only eat one.
A lot of customers were foreigners, and there was English menu available, though not as complete as the Japanese one.
Menu: 1, 2, 3.

LA TABLE de Joël Robuchon

060810 040.jpg060810 042.jpg
A casual dining space of a high-class French restaurant. The cheapest lunch is 2800yen(not including tax and service charge), to include dessert is plus 900yen, which we decided not to.
Pork rillette.
060810 043.jpg060810 048.jpg
豚の塩漬け三枚バラ肉 夏野菜と香草のジュレ寄せ。
The bread were not warm, but still quite nice.
Salted belly pork and summer vegetables jelly. Light and cooling. Love the herb taste too.

060810 052.jpgフォアグラのポワレ パルメザンのリゾットと共に。
Pan-fried foie gras with parmesan cheese risotto. Finally some fresh and good quality foie gras~. The risotto was rich, very good too.
As expected the portion was small, and I was not even half full by the end. When I get rich I am coming back to have a full course dinner at the main restaurant, ha!
LA TABLE de Joël Robuchon

Aux Delices de Hongo (オ・デリス・ド・本郷)

060305 102.jpg060305 107.jpg
White asparagus confit. Very good.
Terrine of pig feet, ear, tongue, and cow stomach, with hotspring egg. Somehow it tastes Chinese but very good too.
060305 110.jpg060305 119.jpg
フォアグラのフラン トリュフ風味。
プーラルド ドゥミ ドゥイユ。
Flan of foie gras with truffle. Unbelievable! *o*!! Can never look at chawanmushi the same way again.
Poularde demi-deuil(for 4 people). Wow~~.
060305 120.jpg060305 126.jpg
My god, never eaten so much truffle in my life! The sauce is rich and the chicken tender and soft. Plus truffle truffle all over, a huge bubble of heavenly smell engulfed me during the time I enjoyed this dish~. How I didn’t want it to end!
竹の子。Grilled bamboo shoot. Never tried it before. Just used our hands to tear the skin off, tasted really great on its own.

060305 130.jpg紅玉の温かいパイ、バニラアイス添え。Warm apple pie with Vanilla ice-cream. Very crispy and not too sweet, super yummy. I went with someone who knows the chef and the sommelier well and we were served special menu and each dish came with a glass of specially chosen wine to match the dish. I didn’t take pictures but the 2 glasses of white wine I had with the terrine and foie gras were sooooooo good that I was in awe throughout the entire meal. So nice to go with someone who is true gourmet, X-D!!
Aux Delices de Hongo

Restaurant hAru(ハル)

060214 070.jpg060214 074.jpg
Seafood including prawn, shellfish, scallop, sea urchin and oysters, with consomme jelly and carrot mousse. So good! The scallop is super sweet.
060214 078.jpg060214 086.jpg
Pan-fried foie gras, with truffle and spring onion. Foie gras very rich-tasting and cooked just right.
“Ezo” venison, black pepper sauce. I always get venison whenever it is available somehow, even though the portion is always so much smaller than say pork or beef, which my friend got and couldn’t finish cos they were too big portion! ^^; But the venison here is very soft, but fried crispy outside.
060214 089.jpg060214 090.jpg
紫イモのモンブラン 紅茶のアイスクリーム添え、1200円。
洋梨のジュレとムースのパルフェ仕立て 牛乳のソルベと御一緒に、1000円。
I had the taro Mont Blanc, with tea ice-cream. My friend had pear jelly and pear mousse parfait with milk sorbet. Both are very good.
Overall very good, the waitor and the waitress were super friendly, which really makes a difference. The only weak point is the bread, which is a bit hard and tasteless. So I ended up not eating much bread and didn’t feel as full as I should have. One glass of wine and a coffee, it came up to 11000yen, quite luxurious. ^^;; Oh the restaurant is owned by Rakuten’s boss’ wife, and by chance the boss and his wife and their kid were all there when we went. I didn’t know them of course but my friend got quite excited. ^^;;
Restaurant hAru


051220 006.jpg051220 011.jpg

051220 013.jpgTwo pan-fried fresh foie gras on top of two piles of risotto. And the main is one whole quail stuffed with mushroom and wild rice. Super yummy!!! And the apple tart is warm and not too sweet, This lunch was very satisfying~~~.

Vinpicoeur Marunouchi (ヴァンピックル 丸の内)

051102 040.jpg051102 043.jpg
7 kinds of mushrooms in marinade. Pork tail pot-au-feu.
051102 046.jpg051102 047.jpg
Liver, tongue and heart.
051102 050.jpg051102 053.jpg
Foie gras. Roasted bone-in Yoshida pork.
051102 056.jpg051102 059.jpg
Charcoal-grilled venison. Yoshida sparerib.
051102 062.jpg051102 065.jpg
Pudding and sorbet.
Everything was absolutely fantastic!! Definitely my best.
Vinpicoeur Marunouchi